A Greener Holiday

If you choose to stay on a David Bellamy Conservation Award Park then you've taken an important step to having a more environmentally friendly holiday. But there are loads of other things you can do to make your break on an award-winning park really green. So when you set off on your next trip, why not try these top ten eco-travel tips from Professor David Bellamy himself?

1. Go Green

The greenest way to get to your park is by public transport (or bicycle if you are really fit!). So ask your park for advice on how to arrive by train or bus. Of course, if you're towing a caravan then you'll have to drive, so see below for more advice.

2. Drive Green

You probably know the green driving drill by now: avoid hard acceleration, keep your speed down, make sure your car is properly serviced, check your tyre pressure &, most importantly, only make the car trips you need to make.

3. Turn it off

Water is a valuable resource, so please help your park to save water by using taps & showers sensibly & remembering to turn them off. You can save up to 5 litres of water per minute by simply turning the tap off when you brush your teeth. If you use the park laundrette, then try and wait until you've got a full wash to do.

4. Switch it off

All parks in the award scheme are committed to saving energy, so help them by turning off the lights in your caravan or lodge and by using any heating equipment sensibly.

5. Recycle it!

Most of us recycle at home now, so why not do the same on holiday? You should find that recycling is easy if you stay at an award-winning park, so please use whatever system has been set up. Remember that it is important to separate your waste properly, so check what's meant to go in each recycling bin.

6. Eat Local

Eating local food while you're on holiday is a great way to get a true flavour of the bit of the UK you're visiting. It's also a great way to support the local rural economy and to cut down on the environmental impact of transporting your food from 'field to fork'. Your park should stock locally produced food and should also be able to point you to the nearest farmers' market, pub or restaurant that sells it.

7. Have a great green time

A holiday is a great time to get out & explore the countryside & award-winning parks are located in some of the loveliest spots in Britain. As part of your break, why not visit any local nature reserves to really immerse yourself in the best of nature. When you venture out please leave the car behind and use feet, bikes or public transport to get around. Remember to use the Countryside Code at all times - leave only footsteps and take only photographs!

8. Feed the birds

There is a lot you can do to help wildlife on whichever park you visit. You can start by feeding the birds, and keeping your cat belled & in at night. Keep an eye out for the wildlife you see on site and let your park owner know what you see. Many award-winning parks have wildlife trails or run wildlife watching walks - so why not give them a go?

9. Be a green consumer

When you are shopping at the park shop, or out on your travels, keep a look out for green products such as organic & fair-trade food, free-range eggs and other 'livestock-friendly' food, recycled paper products & low-energy light bulbs. Your park should stock some of these, so ask them what they've got. And remember to use a good tough shopping bag, rather than the throw away plastic variety.

10. Support the countryside

By choosing a holiday on an award-winning park, you've shown that you are a friend of the countryside. There is a lot more you can do. Find out if your park supports any local conservation projects; lend your support too. Find out if there is anything practical you can do to help - many parks run conservation activity sessions (or even holidays) where you can try your hand at country crafts such as hedge laying. So why not lend a hand?

If you have already decided to take your holiday in the UK then you have already chosen a greener break & what a great way to support local tourism & the local economy. Many rural economies now almost totally rely on tourism.

We really hope you will decide to spend your holidays with us on Northcliffe & Seaview Holiday Parks.... & if you have already made that choice then please find below some helpful tips on how you can enjoy a greener holiday:-

Some more Green tips you can use at home or on holiday

Measure & reduce your carbon footprint

Measure your carbon footprint using a fun, free and easy to use carbon calculator and Act on CO2.

Your carbon footprint is the sum of all carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions created by your activities - usually calculated over the period of one year.

All sorts of things that most of us do on a regular basis - from running a car & using plastic bags & bottles to eating burgers from fast food outlets - contribute to the overall size of our so-called carbon footprint.

Find out how your footprint measures up against the national & regional averages & get your free action plan packed with useful ideas for cutting the amount of C02 you're directly responsible for. Measure your footprint again in six months to see how much greener you've become. You'll be amazed at just how easy it is to make a real difference to your life, your city & your planet!

Save your pennies by saving energy

We're doing our bit & we're committed to doing better. How about you?

Cut the amount of rubbish you produce

Make sure your garden's squeaky green

Reuse & recycle everything you can think of

The average UK home throws away more than one tonne of rubbish every year. Here are just a few ideas for finding new homes for your unwanted clutter:

Buy local produce

In the UK we import more than half of the food we consume. Buying locally grown, seasonal food means we reduce our food miles, use less packaging & enjoy fresher fruit & veg that doesn't need freezing or chilling.

Get out & go wild

Ditch pricey indoor past times in favour of healthier more eco-friendly leisure pursuits like rock pool rambling & bug hunting. Whitby is surrounded by some of the best countryside & coastline in the UK - & much of it is accessible without using your car.

Whether you're mad about moths, batty about bats or you've been bitten by the creepy crawly bug, this area offers plenty of ways to walk on the wild side with fellow enthusiasts.

This area offers wonderful (and free!) walking trails as well as many events offering a fascinating insight into the local flora and fauna.

Cut down your car use

DIY the green way

Go on green holidays

  • Leave the car - There are so many greener ways to travel than by car once you've reached your destination.... here are a few options....You can travel by bus (bus stop 5/10 minute stroll from the parks) to Scarborough, Whitby or Middlesbrough. For those of you lucky enough to have a bus pass, not only is this greener but it is also cheaper. Whitby also has a train station (4mls) allowing you to visit a range of destinations without the hassle of driving. Alternatively, if you're staying local you can choose to walk or cycle to Robin Hoods Bay or Whitby & take in the beautiful scenery.
  • Recycle & Re-use Recycling facilities on park mean that you can recycle your glass, plastic, paper etc. hassle free. New for 2010 - you can now also use our compost bins. All the compost produced will then be used on the parks gardens.
  • Local Shops/Business - The importance of buying locally produced products cannot be over emphasized. There are many environmental benefits; for example, buying locally produced organic vegetables encourages farming without using artificial fertilisers or pesticides as well as reducing the distance you & the goods have to travel....so this means less pollution. Keeping money in the local economy helps the area grow & prosper Information regarding local business, places to eat & drink, farmers markets etc. is available in the Tourist Information section in reception as well as on our web site on the Dine In or Out section
    • Don't overfill your kettle to make one cup of tea
    • Don't leave your TV, PC etc. on standby
    • Save water - have a shower or take a bath with a friend!
    • Fit at least one energy saving light bulb
    • Turn off unnecessary lights
    • Turn your thermostat down by 1C - you won't even notice the difference!
    • Turn off appliances at the mains
    • Fit draught excluders to doors & windows
    • User heavier curtains during the winter months
    • Buy A graded energy efficient appliances
    • Fit solar panels or a micro turbine
    • Sign up to the green tariff offered by your energy supplier
    • Hang out your washing on warm days instead of using the tumble dryer
    • Say 'no' to plastic bags - take your own bags with you when you go shopping
    • Use both sides of every piece of paper
    • Use a mug instead of a plastic or paper cup
    • Report fly tipping to the Local Council
    • Avoid unnecessary packaging
    • Avoid using pesticides and herbicides in the garden
    • Encourage natural predators such as ladybirds and lacewings to keep aphids at bay
    • Save water - buy a water butt or recycle your bath water
    • Use plants suitable for your garden - don't waste your time, money and water trying to nurture plants which just aren't right for your garden (because of the soil, light levels, weather etc.)
    • Invest in a wormery to create a rich compost out of your organic matter
    • Buy wood products - fencing, decking, planters etc. - certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council to ensure the wood has been harvested in a responsible way
    • Avoid using tropical timber - its overuse is causing serious deforestation and an increase in C02 in the atmosphere
    • Avoid peat based products - its excessive extraction from natural wetlands destroys important wildlife habitats
    • Hold a clothes or book swapping party
    • Re-cycle unwanted mobile phones, PCs etc. - there are plenty of companies which can put your old IT and other equipment to good use. They might even pay you for it
    • Donate unwanted items to charity
    • Use your kerbside recycling collection
    • Use our recycling facilities or the local re-cycling centre at Chomley Way (Whitby Industrial Estate).
    • Check where your food comes from - read the labels
    • Use local shops selling local produce
    • Sign up to a local organic 'veggie box' delivery service - get the freshest organic fruit & veg delivered free direct from the farm to your doorstep at prices which often beat the supermarkets.
    • Try growing your own - you don't need a big garden. Tomatoes, strawberries, potatoes, herbs, radishes, beans, courgettes, rocket & salad leaves can all be grown in hanging baskets or in patio pots.
    • Take public transport when you can
    • Get out & about on foot or on your bike - get fit while saving the planet
    • If you must use your car, drive efficiently & keep your speed down
    • Ease congestion - let at least one car in on every journey!
    • Use eco-friendly paints
    • Avoid toxic products - try old fashioned remedies instead such as lemon juice or bicarbonate of soda as a cleaning material
    • Buy from charity shops & recycle pottery, glass & other household items
    • Take only photographs & leave only footprints
    • Stay in the UK - there is lots to do & see
    • Travel efficiently - use the most direct route
    • Leave the car at the park & explore on foot/cycle or by local transport
    • Reduce the number of flights you take
    • Buy local crafts not mass produced souvenirs
    • Respect local customs & traditions