Park Conservation

Northcliffe & Seaview Holiday Parks have been awarded The David Bellamy Gold Conservation Award for protecting & enhancing the natural environment for many years.

Here since 1967 these family owned parks have made conservation one of their top priorities ensuring that the habitat is looked after & cared for to encourage & protect the wild life, flora & fauna on the parks & in the surrounding environment.

These are just a few of the many activities we undertake in our commitment to the conservation & preservation of the local natural environment & landscape:-

Management of grassland - The grass on our parks is mowed regularly and kept neat and tidy. However, there are parts of our parks where the grass is not mown to encourage the growth of wildflowers and grasses. We have turned acreage on the parks perimeter into a natural Wildflower Meadow. The Wildflower Meadow is located on our Northcliffe Holiday Park & forms part of the Heritage Coast. The Meadow is mown once a year in September to ensure that the wildflowers have time to pollinate and set seed first. The presence of these wildflowers means there are lots of bees, butterflies, moths & birds in the area.

Natural control of pests - One of the best controllers of pests is wildlife. The local wildlife plays a great part in keeping pests at bay, Hedgehogs eat slugs, frogs & toads eat insects, ladybird & hoverflies eat aphids & wasps prey on various pests.

Feeding & housing the wildlife - Our owners are encouraged to feed the birds & badgers with appropriate food. Oakham Woods & stream (which is adjacent to Northcliffe) is a SSSI & is home to many species of plants, trees and animals. On both parks we have provided lots of homes for our wildlife friends such as bird boxes, bee hotels, insect towers & ladybird name just a few.

Recycling/Re-using - We have a dedicated area for recycling & our owners are encouraged to use these facilities to recycle their glass, plastic, paper, cardboard etc. For items that cannot be recycled at the park e.g. electrical items, there is a local recycling centre at Chomley Way (approx. 2 miles). In 2010 we introduced composting bins on both parks, these have proved very popular & we use the compost produced on our gardens. We also have water butts on both parks to collect water to use on our gardens & flower tubs.

Saving Energy - We have energy efficient light bulbs in all our public buildings, push button taps & showers in our facilities building, we mulch the gardens to conserve moisture so less water is required, our lighting is on photo cells so it only comes on when it is required, we switch off un-used devices & don't leave appliances on standby. All these actions play a big part in conserving energy & reducing our carbon footprint.

Information - A key part of our conservation policy is involving our owners & keeping them updated with information on how they can help. All new owners are given an information folder telling them about our policy & various information such as recycling & caring for the environment. We keep our owners updated with regular newsletter & updates via email. Our owners will also soon have a dedicated website where they can check, download & print information whenever they require it.

Conservation requires dedication & is a long-term commitment & we are delighted that the team at Northcliffe & Seaview Holiday Parks are dedicated to this goal. We are all committed to preserve & enhance this beautiful landscape & all that it encompasses for our visitors and future generations.